Example Post

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Make multiple columns

The normal setup is out of 12 columns, so 3 would be a quarter of the page width

<div class="columns">
  <div class="column is-3">
   <img src="img/posts/default.png"/>
  <div class="column is-3">
   <img src="img/posts/default.png"/>

Add a youtube video

{% include youtube.html video="VTlV0Y5yAww" text="HELLO" %}

Add a vimeo video

{% include vimeo.html video="31158841" text="HELLO" %}

Add a Google drive video

Try to avoid doing this because of permission problems and ugly thumbnails

{% include google-drive.html video="0B2LF_3WEQeImX0oxalpjTnBVTEE/preview?resourceKey=0-CgPlZ4jTVf1vthLvboofTA" %}

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Link to another post

[One way]({% link _posts/0325-05-23-example_post.md %})
[Another way]({% post_url 0325-05-23-example_post %})

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